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Methadone clinics in New Jersey provide a source of help for those suffering from heroin prescription painkillers addiction. Providing methadone maintenance along with outpatient addiction treatment for counseling and therapy, New Jersey methadone clinics are focused on helping those who are addicted to opiates. Methadone subsides the urge to use other opiates. It is typically used along with a plan for being weened off while attending group therapy meetings or a 12 step fellowship. We will help you find the nearest methadone clinic when you’re in search to find the closest methadone clinics.

We will gladly find the right methadone treatment for you. You can easily verify health insurance benefits for drug addiction treatment with us or other cash pay options are always available.

Our addiction professionals can be reached 24 hours a day at our dedicated free help for drug addiction hotline at (855) 373-3880. Call now and gain victory over your opiate addiction with the assistance of our free substance abuse help program.

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Unfortunately, more than 5% of New Jersey residents report having recently abused prescription painkillers for non-medical purposes in the past twelve months. Many of those who take part in this type of activity will become addiction and require professional treatment in order to recover.

when your in search for a methadone clinic or in search for a methadone clinic near me please understand there is hope and you can get off of opiates for good there is no need to continue on like this. We can help

The Half-Life of Methadone

At 30 minutes, the relatively short half-life of heroin can result in a rapid cycling between intense highs, and devastating lows. Methadone, with a 22-hour half life, is longer acting and, furthermore, less potent than heroin. For these reasons, methadone has proved useful in the management of the severe withdrawal symptoms associated with heroin and some other opioids. This specific type of addiction medicine, or medical management of opioid addiction, is referred to as methadone maintenance therapy (MMT). Supervised methadone administration occurs at a methadone clinic.

The Methadone Clinic Last Resort

While methadone can help, not just anyone can prescribe methadone for the treatment of opiate addiction. Patients must seek the professional help of a licensed doctor or a Methadone clinic in order to receive the treatment that they need.

According to the Drug Enforcement Administration:

  • In 2012, almost 2.5 million people over the age of 12 reported abusing methadone in their lifetime–marking an increase from 2.1 million in 2011.
  • In 2011, more than 65,000 emergency room visits were related to methadone use.
  • From 1999 to 2005, methadone overdose deaths increased by about 460%.

Clinics for Methadone around New Jersey

The good thing is that Methadone clinics can be found throughout the state of New Jersey making opiate addiction treatment easily accessible. From Atlantic City to New Brunswich, Newark to Middlesex to Phillipsburg, you’ll find hundreds of Methadone clinics in New Jersey. Here at the Methadone Centers, we believe in making Methadone treatment readily accessible and convenient to those who need it © 2016